Amazon Embracing Blockchain via Partnership with Kaleido, a ConsenSys Company

Amazon has moved into blockchain via its cloud computing arm called AWS, which partnered with blockchain startup Kaleido, a ConsenSys company.

Amazon’s cloud computing division is collaborating with blockchain startup Kaleido to help clients move their services onto blockchain. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of, announced the partnership on Tuesday, the same day that Kaleido was officially launched. The startup came out on the basis of blockchain software developer ConsenSys. The new firm wants to help AWS get into distributed ledger technology (DLT) the easy way.

Kaleido co-founder Steve Cerveny stated:

“They can focus on their scenario, and they don't have to become PhDs is cryptography, we give them a simple platform to build their company on blockchain.”

According to AWS, “introducing Kaleido to AWS customers is going to help customers move faster and not worry about managing blockchain themselves.”

The startup offers the Kaleido Blockchain Business Cloud platform, which is an all-in-one blockchain system that seeks to speed-up and simplify the enterprise use of blockchain. The platform represents the first blockchain Software as a Service (SaaS) featuring Enterprise Ethereum.

Cerveny told CNBC that AWS has been looking for partners to help it bring the emerging technology into their client’s hands.

Ethereum blockchain founder Joseph Lubin said that this was Amazon’s biggest move to adopt blockchain.

“This is a heavy duty, full stack way of getting the company into blockchain solutions,” he told CNBC.

“Three years ago we were getting calls from companies trying to spell blockchain and trying to order one in a color because their boss told them they should get a blockchain. At this point there are tens of thousands of companies around the world that have real sophistication around this,” Lubin added.

Besides AWS, Amazon can use blockchain for its other divisions, Lubin believes, referring to supply chain as a relevant example.

Kaleido runs on AWS and can be accessed via AWS Marketplace. The platform enables clients to integrate with other AWS solutions, like Amazon EMR for analytics, Amazon CloudWatch for logs and monitoring, Amazon Athena, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) for private networking, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) among others.

Currently, the beta version is available, while the enterprise version is coming soon. 

This is not the only blockchain solution available on AWS marketplace, as R3 launched its blockchain platform Corda there in 2017.