Amaury Sechet, “Benevolent Dictator” of Bitcoin ABC, Reportedly Banned from BCH Slack

The Bitcoin Cash project has run into a disagreement around the Pre-Consensus technology.

Amaury Sechet, the “Benevolent Dictator” of Bitcoin ABC, reportedly was banned from the Bitcoin Cash Slack channels, Reddit users reported. The event was widely commented on social media, underlining the split in the BCH community.

According to Reddit users, Sechet has been vocal about his Pre-Consensus solution, a form of organized agreement of crypto miners that would reduce the rate of orphaned blocks. The opposing view belongs to Dr. Craig Wright, who believes there is no place for an organized solution in the Bitcoin Cash protocol, and that a form of Pre-Consensus could arise spontaneously.

Sechet, also known as “deadalnix”, was with the Bitcoin Cash project from the start, and worked on some of the most significant developments. He pushed for the current Emergency Difficulty Adjustment solution.

The event was relatively minor for the Bitcoin Cash network, but outside the community, it was used to bash the project. Bitcoin Cash has received its share of derogatory remarks, so the banning of one of the lead developers from one of the Slack channels generated bad publicity.

According to Reddit users, Bitcoin Cash faced the threat of being driven down a certain technological path by a small group of developers. However, the community has reserved the right to approve or disagree with those proposals, and miners may also avoid the them.

Bitcoin Cash keeps seeing a relatively low level of transactions, despite the good performance of the network. After a brief spike where BCH outstripped BTC in terms of daily transactions, the activity returned to normal levels, down to around 17,000 transactions in one day. The Bitcoin Cash project is dedicated to wider adoption and everyday usage, hence the drive for solutions ensuring an even faster network. However, real-world spenders of BCH are relatively few.

The BCH market price has also taken a beating, sliding below $700. BCH recovered slightly to $711.28, generally preserving the 0.1 BTC level. More than 60% of BCH trading is against the Tether (USDT) fixed-price coin, in effect creating speculative volumes that have little to do with real-world usage of the asset.