Almost 1 in 5 Investors Are Going Into Debt to Buy Bitcoin

A survey by LendEDU shows us that a significant minority of Bitcoin's investors have actually gone into debt to purchase the cryptocurrency, among other worrying information.

There is a certain amount of risk in investing in something as volatile as Bitcoin. Now, imagine doing that with money you don’t even have.

A survey performed by LendEDU—an online student loan refinancing organization—has revealed that 18.15 percent of Bitcoin investors used a credit card to purchase the cryptocurrency.

Of these people, 76.23 percent are even considering buying additional Bitcoin in the same manner.

“Why is this concerning? The virtual currency exchanges where Bitcoin is bought and sold will charge conversion fees when either a credit or debit card is used to [fund] an investor’s account. Coinbase, the largest of the cryptocurrency exchanges, charges a conversion fee of 3.99 percent when a user uses his or her credit or debit card to bankroll their account,” the survey said.

Even more concerning, however, is the fact that 22.13 percent of investors who bought Bitcoin with credit cards did not recuperate their balance after they made their investments.

“There is no guarantee that Bitcoin investment returns will be profitable in the long run, but one can guarantee that the credit card company will need to be paid back,” the survey continued.

This trend of buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on credit might not die down anytime soon, as searches for “can you buy bitcoin with credit card” have grown, especially in December. 

A previous survey by LendEDU showed that 67 percent of American Bitcoin holders have not sold their investments, and 10 percent want to hold onto them for another 10 years.

This attitude comes from a strong sense of optimism surrounding the cryptocurrency, as respondents to the survey considered, on average, that Bitcoin will reach a value of almost $200,000 at some point in the future.