Alethena Brings Swiss Quality to ICO Ratings - A Transparent and Independent Ratings Agency for Digital Assets

Alethena is the first Swiss rating agency for digital assets, with a 100% independent and transparent due diligence process.


The digital assets market has experienced explosive growth, with over $5 billion in funds raised so far in 2018. The segment is bursting with investment opportunities, but the lack of reliable information and thorough due diligence make it difficult to understand whether a project has potential and is worth putting your money into.

Mindful of these deficiencies, Alethena’s founders came up with the idea to create a platform that would provide ICO and digital asset investors with reliable ratings based on independent, in-depth research and a conclusive rating methodology.

How it works

The Alethena blockchain ratings are based on four fundamental dimensions subdivided into 17 clusters and 62 independent factors to ensure a comprehensive analysis and an accurate, unbiased review for each ICO or asset.

  1. Technical dimension refers to various technical risks and vulnerabilities, flexibility, and sustainability. This is a comprehensive analysis of underlying programming codes, system architecture, and data structures. It includes a thorough review of mining mechanisms and network operability.
  2. Business dimension deals with product and its operation and marketing. Alethena experts conduct careful market analysis to reveal business opportunities, levels of competition and growth potential. They also explore the product or its functional prototype and monetization strategy to see whether the project has a robust and realistic revenue and cash flow plan.
  3. Legal dimension takes into account regulatory issues, environmental and geographical aspects, and overall legal setup. It is essential to understand the regulatory, political, and legal environment where the project will operate to identify potential risks and barriers to its operation and development.
  4. Governance dimension is probably the most multi-faceted one as it deals with the competence and experience of the team behind the project and explores its general transparency, including code and fundraising transparency.

Created as a 100% independent and transparent rating agency for digital assets, Alethena lets blockchain investors know what is worth buying into and provides ICOs with an unbiased review of their projects and their position in the market, regardless of their size, capital, or reputation.

Alethena has released its Alphanet, a working prototype of the future information portal with use cases and samples of upcoming functionality.  While much remains to be done, the Alphanet offers a good sneak peek for investors interested in the project.

Alethena ICO details

The main stage of Alethena's ICO began on June 6 with a 15% bonus available for early comers. The crowdfunding will be live until June 27 or until the hard cap of 30 million Swiss francs is reached, whichever happens first.  Investors can purchase ATH token with BTC, ETH, CHF, EUR, USD at a standard exchange rate of 1 CHF = 100 ATH or the equivalent in other accepted currencies.

ATH is a cryptographic token based on the ERC20 standard with limited voting and profit rights. It means that final strategic decisions are made by the board of directors and the general assembly represented by Alethena founders.

If you want more information on this ICO, visit the official website or subscribe to project updates on Twitter and Telegram.