ABCC Exchange First to Support TRON (TRX) Token Ecosystem

The ABCC marketplace will carry TRC10 and TRC20 token standards, and thus support the entire TRON ecosystem.

The tokens on the TRON (TRX) ecosystem will soon appear on the ABCC marketplace. The exchange will carry the TRC10 and TRC20 token standards, as recently confirmed by TRON’s founder, Justin Sun.

ABCC shared its readiness to support the new types of digital assets after a partnership with the TRON Foundation.

TRON is one of the fastest growing ecosystems among digital assets, and the launch of tokens is just coming. The network also saw the release of distributed apps accelerate this year. More recently, BitTorrent Token (BTT) attracted attention as an example of a use case for tokens. The BTT asset is still not released, but it is a sign that TRON may be a tool for tokenization and for utility tokens for services and dApps.

The TRON network already has 1.43 million accounts, potentially meaning separate users and not just addresses. Super Delegates manage to verify more than 3 million transactions per day as of January 16, and both transactions per second and total daily transfers are constantly growing. Tronscan reveals that 24 TRC20 tokens have been generated, as well as 1564 TRC10 tokens.

TRON-based tokens are unrestricted, and there is already a large array of projects with varying qualities. Tokens deemed to be scams already exist, based on the observations of the service.

TRON-based tokens are still relatively unpopular, but may drive adoption in the future. Big hopes are hinging on BTT, which would ride on the fame and adoption of the BitTorrent client.

In the meantime, the TRX digital asset remains relatively depressed in price terms, but is stabilized, at least for now. TRX traded around $0.025 after a 9% weekly loss, sliding to ninth place on CoinMarketCap. The TRX market price is supported mostly by Binance trading, where more than 56% of all activity is in the TRX/USDT pair. TRX is one of the assets that is strongly decoupled from Bitcoin (BTC) and is seen as extremely promising for the future of digital assets.

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