The digital currency Dash has teamed up with global payment processor AloGateway to expand its business-to-business (B2B) payments platform across the world, various media reports said.

Dash, the 13th largest cryptocurrency according to Coinmarketcap, with a capitalization of $2.17 billion offers swift and private transactions. The digital asset uses a global network of master nodes that facilitate the improvement of its ecosystem.

Dash Core CEO Ryan Taylor stated:

“This is an exciting next step for Dash as AloGateway is already a recognized and well-respected solution for networks like China Union Pay. As one of the largest payment processors in Asia, AloGateway is a key partner for Dash as we look to continue the expansion of our global network, particularly in Asia and other crypto-heavy regions.”

With the partnership, Dash has gained access to AlloGatway’s wallets, as well as its services. AloGaway facilitates more than 100,000 transactions per day, involving a wide range of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, and Dash.

AloGateway is also one of the biggest payment processors in the Asian region, with a focus on a wide variety of industries, such as hospitality, retail, travel, healthcare, entertainment, and gaming. The company provides payment solutions for China’s banking industry under the China Union Pay (CUP), which is under the supervision of the People’s Bank of China.

The platform claims to be a fully-compliant Internet Payment Service Provider (iPSP) as a Payment Card Industry (PCI) that is capable of acquiring and settling Visa and MasterCard transactions across the world in a majority of the cryptocurrencies that are traded.

Alogateway CEO Sherwin Quiambao added:

"We had a number of reasons for choosing Dash as one of the first digital assets we offer on our platform. First, Dash has among the lowest fees and fastest transactions of any blockchain network. Dash also has an active community, particularly in parts of Asia and Europe where we are seeing a lot of potential for growth.”

In May, Dash announced plans to overhaul its masternode connections and added that it is in the final stages of finding a new CTO, as well as adding community managers and marketing efforts.