DASH has been away from the spotlight in the past months, as even its regular marketing efforts were drowned out by the flood of new projects with a higher potential for a 10-fold price increase. Still, DASH remains one of the more prominent coins, managing to push off the low prices and remain steady.

DASH remained almost flat in the past week, at $472.05. But the past month has seen a gradual price rise, from lows near $300.


Beyond the price speculation, DASH is making an overhaul of its node structure. DASH relies on a mix of mining and staking nodes, each holding 1,000 DASH, to verify the right version of the network. Now, the DASH Core Team is working on a different protocol for communications with nodes, using the blockchain itself to gauge the participating nodes.

The DASH project is also in the final stages of discovering a new CTO, as well as adding community managers and marketing efforts.

However, at this point, the trading profile of DASH is somewhat unfavorable. The most active exchange remains HitBTC, which does not enjoy the best reputation in the industry. Trading on Binance is extremely low-volume. DASH, which was popular in the summer of 2017, lost some positions, and its addition to Coinbase is now even more improbable.

Despite the attempt to have a friendly public image, DASH may suffer from the decision of Japan to block the trading of anonymous coins. The decision to ban coins with a technology that hides transaction origins came after the NEM theft from Coincheck. That time, the XEM coins were traceable, but in the cases of Monero and DASH, that may not be possible.