TRX, NEO, XVG, QTUM, ZEC: 5 Cryptocurrencies Set for a Price Recovery

A new batch of altcoins is looking better after the latest market downturn at the end of June.

Altcoins have not rallied in a while, but there is a handful of assets looking as if they reached their bottom prices, and may be set for a comeback. Some assets are trading at just 10% their peak values, and may see a more balanced price response.

TRON (TRX): The latest market shakedown at the end of June saw TRX fall below 4 cents. As the network remains one of the most popular, a price recovery may be in the making. The inflow of new users in the coming months is a longer-term proposition. But Tether-based trading may lift prices sooner than expected.

NEO (NEO): Along with GAS, the platform-coin looks rather underpriced. Falling as low as $27, now NEO is on the recovery, reaching $33.24, one of the few assets with a good weekly gain. GAS is also pushing off lows under $10, and growing to $10.67. Both assets are near the bottom of their price range, and may return to former enthusiasm as a proven crypto ecosystem.

Verge (XVG): This asset remains rather risky. But at $0.02, it starts to look like low enough for renewed risky bets. True, XVG started from sub-penny levels, so even at two cents, it may have a long way to go down. However, a speculative bet at those prices can see the fortunes of XVG change. Its high public profile and presence on exchanges may put it on the radar, even for newcoming traders.

QTUM (QTUM): At one point, this digital asset was supposed to compete with NEO. With prices above $70 during the December boom, QTUM looked capable of resembling Ethereum one day. But QTUM slid, currently standing at around $8.72. At those prices, QTUM is back in time to December 2017, and may see some appreciation from current prices.

ZCash (ZEC): This asset went as high as $800, and its trading has not really started, being limited to relatively inactive exchanges. Now, ZEC has fallen to temporary lows of $170, but the asset is just getting started, with ASIC being shipped, and a changed governance ecosystem. ZCash has easily traded near $300, and the anonymous coin may see additional growth.

There are also smaller-scale assets that look as if they cannot go any lower. Electroneum (ETN) has unraveled below ICO prices, but its future depends on exchange listings. NANO (NANO) is around $2.51, but wallet and exchange problems may still be depressing the price. Stratis (STRAT) and Status Networ (SNT) also look like they have flattened out, and may see a return to higher prices.