World WiFi ICO Review

Worldwifi is a unique global project that combines free wi-fi network with advertising. The wi-fi router owners will be able to provide free access to the internet and get their profit share from the advertising campaigns launched within the network. Thus people all over the world won’t experience difficulties with internet connections, wherever they are, while brands and companies will get an efficient advertising platform.

World WiFi Team

Name Position Links
Yuri Polovinkin Technical Director
Ilya Yashin Co-Founder & CEO
Yan Sepiashvili Co-Founder
Dmitry Koleznev Chief Operation Officer
Larry Cameron Technical Information Security Officer
Alisha Golden Marketing & PR in North America
Tim Kosykh CBDO
Anand Gupta Big Data strategy
Bhavik Limbani App Developer
Evgeniy Khashin CTO & Strategy
Jagadish Channagiri Big Data expert
Anastasia Prikazchikova Marketing & PR