MyDFS is a user-friendly blockchain platform introduced by uTrener and KHL fantasy apps creators. MyDFS runs on mobile devices and aims to connect daily fantasy sports fans around the world offering easy integration with any sport and player brokerage. It provides maximum transparency and safety due to blockchain technologies, and addresses legal issues by using ERC-20 tokens instead of fiat money.


Name Position Links
Viktor Mangazeev CEO
Sergey Sheypak CTO
Anastasia Shvetsova CCO
Kseniya Ryazantseva CMO
Alex Kireev Lead Web Developer
Anastasia Golikova Project manager
Denis Polyakov Android Developer
Kirill Pyulzyu iOS Developer
Andrey Lola Senior Web Developer
Vlad Zotov Android Developer
Vadim Lebedev Head of DevOps
Yobie Benjamin CTO at DragonCoin, Advisor
Eduard Gurinovich Advisor, Founder of CarPrice
Akin Babayigit Advisor, served as the Head of Business Operations at King and as the Head of Facebook Audience Network in EMEA
Alexander Hleb Advisor, ex-football player
Simone Giacomelli Advisor, Blockchain Lead and Head of Business Development at SingularityNET
Frank Kan Fu Advisor, Managing Director at Meitu
Polina Polosukhina Community manager