Morpheus Network ICO Review

Morpheus Network is the first blockchain-based platform designed to simplify and automate the entire logistic process of running a globally trading business. Morpheus is compliant with all regulations and customs laws, and offers full-service automated supply chain platform with an integrated cryptocurrency payment system, facilitating both money transfers and documentation management.

Morpheus Network Team

Name Position Links
Naom Eppel Founder / COO
Danny Weinberger Founder & CEO
Vignesh Iyer Blockchain Developer
Priyanka Pareek Blockchain Developer
Priyank Sharma Blockchain Developer
Zheng Xu Product Development and Asian Integration
Nikhil Sethi Director of Marketing
Andrey Romanov Marketing
Matthew Burgoyne Legal Counsel
Ryan Franzen Legal Counsel
Grant Gulovsen Legal Counsel
Pavel Nedzvedz Marketing and Design
Polina Kosh Marketing and Design