DREAM (previously Moneo.io) is building upon a revenue-generating blockchain talent platform established in 2016.

Project success hinges on the team, yet pulling the right one together is tough. The current model of one-to-one freelance hiring doesn’t scale.

Every day DREAM receives requests to pull a team together, from development to marketing; even the smallest projects usually require multiple people.

DREAM leverages AI to model the outcome of past works so it can scope new projects and build teams with the right skills and fit. The token economy enables new payment methods and uses gamification to train AI models.


Name Position Links
Richard Foster CEO & Founder
Amy Diez CFO & Сo-Founder
Pavel Feklistov Lead Developer
Subramanian Venkatesan Blockchain Architect
Lee Raj Solidity Developer
Danylo Kolesnychenko Product Manager
Sergey Mitrofanov Infrastructure Engineer
David 'DC' Collier Head of Technology
Edaan Getzel Head of Design
Weiqi Li Head of Product
Erwin Doornbos Head of Growth
Sam Howard Head of PR
Andreea Tilibasa Social Media & Community Manager
Matt Calver Token Sale and Compliance Manager
Vladimir Popov CMO
Frank Fichtenmueller CTO