Concierge ICO Review

Concierge project brings blockchain technology to the travel industry, creating innovative online travel booking marketplace. Travelers and merchants will no longer need a middleman as the decentralized ecosystem will allow peer-to-peer communication and direct dealing with zero fees.

Concierge Team

Name Position Links
Adam Chaplin CEO & Founder
Steve Hipwell CMO & Founder
Paul Spallini CTO & Co-Founder
Matthew Lopez CIO, CFO & Co-Founder
Cong Nguyen Technical Project Leader
Slava Korobeynikov Blockchain Product Manager
Dung Anh Certified Blockchain Expert
Shakhruz Ashirov Blockchain Engineer
Duong Thanh Tech Project Manager
Andy Nguyen Blockchain Developer
Tuan Dang Blockchain Developer
Tam Nguyen Creative Designer
Hanh Truong Quality Assurance
Tony Bui Technical Liason
Dominic Tunstall Creative Designer