3D-Token ICO Review

3D-Token project is building a blockchain-based network of 3D-printers with an ambitious goal to disrupt the traditional standards of manufacturing industry through an innovative concept of just-in-time digital manufacturing. The company has already tested the concept with 50 Network Members and 100 3D-Printers an now it is ready to grow it up to 3,000 3D-Printers and 1,000 Network Members.

3D-Token Team

Name Position Links
Paolo Pandolfi Founder & CEO
Alessandro Chiolerio Founder & CEO
Vincenzo Guarnieri Hon. Chairman
Emanuele Fogazzotto Co-Founder
Marcello Prisco Integration Specialist
Alessandra Rosa Marketing & PR Manager
Paola Martino HR & Chemical
Elisabetta Rosolen International Project Coordinator
Marco Cotto Technology Specialist
Riccardo Dardano Integration Specialist
Jessica Barolo Executive Assistant
Sonia Matera Admin Stagist
Mattia Palombella Consultant
Simone Paschetto Network Development Manager
Raffaele Spina Project Partner
Pietro Giuliano Project Partner
Daniele Passamonte Project Partner
Sergio Schiavi Account Manager