Beyond tracking Bitcoin's price and using a basic blockchain explorer, there are several tools that help track the progress- or troubles, of Bitcoin. 

FiatLeak: Watch the world's currencies flow into Bitcoin in real time. A bare-bones, but rather hypnotizing page, which intuitively shows you which parts of the world are interested in Bitcoin. Watch for yourself how influential Bitfinex is at the moment, especially after opening up to dollar deposits. The site also includes a limited news feed, mostly focusing on news of Bitcoin displacing fiat as a means of payment and store of value. This is an older tool with few updates, but remains hypnotic even today.

Solume.IO: Follow the chattering classes, and see when social media presence is exploding or sinking. Up and coming coins often see a coincidence of pumps and social trends. Or the reverse, the social media chatter follows the peak price. In any case, the aggregator is fascinating for observing a wide array of digital assets. 

Bitcoin Bubble Burst: Bitcoin is volatile. Blink and you may miss it. But no worries, now an AI will warn you if anything big starts happening to Bitcoin. The app is not a trading bot yet, but it is a way to look out for big mover, or ominous clouds gathering around Bitcoin. The app is good for both those predicting a crash and those who would want to protect their assets better, getting a wind of early threats and changes. Huge price fluctuations, regulations, big trades- be the first to know.

Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index: Perfect for the Bitcoin hater and supporter of Proof-of-Stake. Watch as Bitcoin guzzles even more electricity, with additional statistics on miner expenses and expected revenues. Enjoy feeling green- or rationalizing your choice, if you own Bitcoin. The talk of sustainability started in 2013, when the first large mining farms came online.

Coindera: For all those who are not Bitcoin purists, but want a tool for the thousands of digital assets available out there. Never miss rising activity in a coin, and set your own criteria for when a coin deserves more attention. With so many altcoins breaking out, Coindera is a handy tool to track for educational purposes, or make a buy or sell decision.