ChronoBank has marked a year since it opened its token sale, and nine months since the ICO ended successfully. During that time, the team has been building the core components of the software system, and has most of the initial framework in place. ChronoBank believes it will continue with strong partnerships and continue to improve functionality in 2018.


Much of the development work in the past months was focused on ChronoWallet and ChronoMint functionality.

ChronoMint is a multi-functional wallet with easy access to private keys. In the September update, it was made compatible with the Trezor hardware wallet. ChronoMint wallet is compatible with Bitcoin, and serves as a lite client, without downloading the entire blockchain.

Indeed, ChronoMint has put almost everything a user may want in a wallet. But there is more coming, besides constant tinkering with the interface and minor functionalities. Perhaps the biggest addition is support for Bitcoin Cash:

But Chronobank, which issues time-tracking tokens, wants to encourage users to use ChronoMint ever move often. The wallet will offer rewards and voting rights for moving Labor Hour (LH) or TIME tokens off exchanges and into the wallet.

Labor Hour tokens aim to disrupt the hiring and HR business the way Uber disrupted transportation services.

Multi Sig

Since the discovery of security breaches in the Parity wallet, ChronoMint has been built with a proprietary multi-sig implementation. It relies on a specialized smart contract for added security.

Support for ERC Tokens

But there is more- the same wallet can access Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. All the while, the owner holds the private keys. The wallet can store tokens like BAT, OMG, GNT, DGX or ETH itself. It can be used for payments and reimbursements in any of those assets, in addition to the native TIME tokens.

Support for major crypto coins

The ChronoMint wallet can appeal to an even broader audience- it holds all the popular leading cryptocoins, including Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

"This will make ChronoMint a kind of multi-wallet that will allow users to store and send Ether, Ethereum tokens and BTC/BCH," announced ChronoBank in a blog earlier.

Mint your own tokens

In ChronoMint, you can create your own token for compensation within an organization. This has wider repercussions for businesses who also plan a token event.


ChronoMint will allow anyone, without specialized technical knowledge, to create and distribute tokens in the community to raise funds for a business. ChronoBank believes the current technique of staging a token sale involves too much overhead. External token sales are meant to be one of the major uses of the ChronoMint platform. The ChronoBank ecosystem expects the creation of loyalty tokens and incentive programs.

Chronobank Partnerships

ChronoBank considers its most important partners to be Edway Labour Hire, a labour supply business co-founded by Mr. Sergei Sergienko, who is also a CEO of ChronoBank. Edway Labour Hire plans to create its own LH tokens and be the first to use the ChronoMint platform in such a way.

Other partners include:

Employable, a "Tinder for jobs" app designed aimed at millenials.

Crypviser, the encrypted messaging system supplying security solutions to ChronoBank.

0x, a decentralized exchange based on the Ethereum network that will provide liquidity and pricing services to TIME tokens.

Reaching Out: New Website

Chronobank has a more efficient outreach for users and investors with its overhauled site, It uses the current hot domain extension, but the essence is the news and updates, showing that Chronobank has a well-picked developer team. The site also contains the latest updates about ChronoBank, as well as introductory videos and information about the project, as well as a download link to the ChronoMint wallet.

Exchanges and Trading

Trading a token brings life to the system. And TIME has taken care to be listed and easily available on various types of exchanges. TIME has a foothold on one of the most active exchanges, Bittrex. But it also trades on lesser-known innovative markets.

The TIME token also trades on Lykke. TIME is also actively traded on Livecoin, against Bitcoin.

But the most accessible, anonymous way to get TIME tokens is to use Changelly.

TIME is available for USD, as well as several other coins and tokens from the selection of this simple and straightforward exchange service.