Crypto Markets Won’t Do Anything in 2019…And That’s A Good Thing: Top 3 Trends in Crypto for 2019

If 2017 was the year crypto exploded, 2018 was the year the world started to understand it. Now the question “what will 2019 bring?” is on everyone's minds and ICObox has compiled its three top trends in crypto for 2019.

1. Fixing Blockchain’s Problems

Much of the stagnation in the crypto space has stemmed from technology that is almost there. ICOBox believes the biggest technical hurdles facing crypto are poor scalability, sluggish transaction times and hesitant adoption by the greater population.

It’s unlikely that these problems will be solved in 2019, but you can bet developers will be competing more fiercely than ever in the coming year.

Heightened interest means more money from investors hoping to back the most innovative and profitable solutions, and thus eventually, a turnaround for the market.

Crypto’s other big problem is astronomically high volatility… or at least it was.

After watching the crypto plummet at the beginning of the year and numerous ICO failures and scams, investors are hesitant to get their feet wet. But that may start to change in 2019.

Since the big crash, Bitcoin has sat relatively (relatively as far as crypto goes) stagnant. Initially, this was undeniably bad. Stagnant markets mean no chance to make a profit, but if the market is able to continue and hold steady, this may be a sign that the crypto market is maturing and stakeholders are building a sound foundation for future growth, according to the ICOBox Blockchain Research Center (IBRC).

Technological improvements and a stable market through 2019 are just what investors need to make another (sustainable) bull-run in the future, according to ICOBox. The more calm 2019 is, the better off crypto is in the long run.

2. The Tokenization of Everything

The Bitcoin boom was fueled by the fervor to invest in something new. Cryptocurrencies were different, complex and, for many investors, down right confusing. The wild speculation ultimately fueled (and burst) a giant bubble and crypto has struggled to gain momentum ever since. But 2019 might see a new gold rush fueled by tokenization.

Investors have long understood the benefits of physical investments. Real estate, commodities and fine art have all been profitable and stable investments, but have historically required large amounts of capital to get in the game. Outlets like real estate investment trusts (REITs) and crowdsourcing options have lowered the bar significantly, however these sources can still leave funds tied up for years and still limit accessibility.

The IRBC predicts that tokenization will likely define 2019 as the groundwork is laid for a new investing and trading sector. Unlike the other aforementioned options, tokenization allows token holders to trade their assets like stocks, so money is not tied up for years until the physical item is sold.      

The probability is that 2019 will see races in virtually every sector to tokenize physical goods, as companies look to sign up both investors and item owners throughout the year. Don’t expect to see an immediate explosion like Bitcoin in 2017. The groundwork for tokenization will take time due to the extensive amount of data that needs to sourced to truly get the market up and running, and 2019 will see frantic scramble to do so.

The eventual boom should be worth the wait. Tokenization will not only pump tons of funds into the crypto space, but free up capital for item owners, as they sell off token shares of their assets.

3. Securing Personal Information

In 2018, as reported by the IBRC, the general population began to wrap their heads around blockchain. In 2018, the public also started to wrap their head around the extent that their personal information was being leveraged, stolen and manipulated by corporations. ICOBox predicts 2019 will see the public start to put two-and-two together and start to take steps to control their digital identities.

Crypto gurus have been preaching decentralization for years but it has largely fallen on deaf ears outside the community. The IBRC suggests that greater public knowledge will see more and more people trying to take advantage of blockchain tech now that they have a better understanding of it.

Because of the complexity of the tech, adoption rates will likely be slower than other social networks, but 2019 will lay much of the groundwork for larger user bases. Expect slow, organic growth from tech-savvy individuals new to crypto (not necessarily an oxymoron) and start ups developing platforms for less techy people to take advantage of blockchain without having to deal directly with the technology.

There is already a widespread sentiment that people want to take control of their personal information and they are starting to search for solutions. Blockchain and crypto offer viable solutions that are constantly improving. It will take time, but the IBRC foresees that 2019 will see the world begin to wrench their personal information out of the hands of corporations and back into their own control.

The Future Looks Bright

According to the IBRC, 2019 will be a foundational year for crypto and that, like it or not, is what the market needs to grow sustainably in the future. Another meteoric rise would be exciting for speculators but would ultimately do more harm than good to cryptocurrencies. Crypto needs a “boring” year to prove that it is maturing, organically grow its users base and lay the foundation for widespread tokenization.

In 2019, ICOBox is hopeful we’ll find answers to looming questions about government regulation and establish rules for everyone to play by. A stable market is paramount to set the scene for these discussions and a calm market means less spooked government actors.

With big bank interests’ and over half of the top twenty largest Bitcoin accounts being created within the last couple months, the interest is crypto is greater than ever, just don’t expect a blow up in 2019. ICOBox states that longterm, a boring year is best. With a plethora of blockchain solutions scheduled to come online in the new year, take the time to research companies, sign up for services that pique your interest and explore tokenization.

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