CoinSwitch Drives Crypto Growth & Adoption With Cross-Exchange Trade, Custom Platforms & Seamless UX

CoinSwitch is a crypto exchange which puts user experience and convenience first in order to help the space grow and increase adoption.

The Global Impact of Blockchain

In ten short years, blockchain and alternative cryptocurrencies have ushered in a new era of competition and innovation across countless industries. Thanks to built-in protocols that provide transparency, privacy, security, efficiency, and protection from fraud, we’ve seen hundreds of blockchain projects – in everything from healthcare and finance to entertainment and governance – quantifiably improving the way things are done in each industry.

The Importance of Exchanges

Beyond blockchain technology itself, however, it’s important to understand how the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem operates. What actually bridges the gap between blockchain projects and the people who actually benefit from the goods and services they provide are the crypto tokens that drive most of these projects. Crypto exchanges around the world handle several billions worth of trades every day; this attests to the importance of exchanges in facilitating the growth and viability of crypto tokens and blockchain projects as a whole.

In fact, the exchange space has been so instrumental in the growth and development of cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange and a transfer of value that we now have more than 500 exchanges in operation all over the world, with over 2,000 different alternative currencies listed.


While having many options from which to choose can be a good thing, it can sometimes be detrimental to user experiences and the quality of services provided. Consider the following: Many exchanges focus on specific geographic areas and do not provide services to people on a global scale. Some have strict KYC policies, others do not. Some provide only exchange services, portfolio management or arbitrage options, and others have limited coin pairs that can be traded. Finally, anyone who wants to use multiple services not available on any single platform has to create multiple accounts with different logins and passwords and access each exchange or platform separately while potentially maintaining different wallets and token balances across each site or service.

Introducing CoinSwitch

Coinswitch is a next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform that aims to completely simplify and redesign the standard exchange user experience of today. It is an aggregator that helps users convert over 350 currencies across multiple exchanges without ever having to create an account, ensuring security and privacy. Using pro APIs, CoinSwitch is tied with major exchanges, including Bittrex, KuCoin, OkEx, Bitfinix, IDEX, and Binance etc, giving its users a variety of tokens to exchange at the best rates, with complete anonymity.

Furthermore, thanks to the ability to trade across multiple exchanges and trade in multiple coins, CoinSwitch users are better insulated from the pump and dump schemes and issues that arise from low liquidity, such as slippage during the execution of trades.

CoinSwitch for Private Trade

Anyone from anywhere in the world can use CoinSwitch to trade. The platform provides a clean and intuitive user interface so that users can exchange any crypto reliably and anonymously.

CoinSwitch charges a fee of 0% to 0.49%, depending on the exchange in question. However, for the vast majority of partner exchanges, no fees whatsoever are charged to users.

CoinSwitch in the B2B Space

CoinSwitch leverages a rich network of B2B partners via APIs to convert cryptocurrencies within their services on the platform. Current wallet partners include Exodus, Trezor, and Guarda. These are popular multi-currency wallets that have thousands of users and help traders tie in their exchange activities with safe and secure storage services.

In addition, CoinSwitch has also started nurturing relationships with popular gaming sites such as Stake and Bearescape. Using CoinSwitch, players on these sites can easily recharge their accounts with any cryptocurrency with complete ease and security. Besides the gaming tie-ins, CoinSwitch is also prepping for the launch of a payment gateway so that merchants can accept over 300+ currencies. This will help bring in thousands of new users and traders to the crypto space and will help them seamlessly trade and exchange on their own platforms using CoinSwitch’s high-performance trading platform in the background.

For Coin Owners

CoinSwitch provides coin owners and other affiliates the ability to launch their own personalized cryptocurrency exchange in less than 2 minutes with ZERO CODE required. Known as “growth hacking,” this allows coin owners to trade their tokens directly from their website. The team at CoinSwitch has already launched this service with a number of high-volume and top-100 market cap coins, including SkyCoin, Komodo, ReddCoin, and the GoByte Network.

The Bottom Line

With a wide offering of more than 350 tradeable coins and tokens, unmatched interoperability that provides exchange services for over 45,000 trading pairs, a unified experience for private users, as well as the ability to instantly launch customized trading platforms for businesses and coin owners, CoinSwitch is bringing about real change to the crypto trading space.

In addition to these services, CoinSwitch provides round the clock support and can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time.  The company’s trading and exchange services are truly second to none, and a user base that has grown from 100k to 750k over the last few months, the platform is poised for continued and sustained growth and is slowly yet steadily bringing crypto trade and exchange to the masses.

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