6 Content Development Rules for Blockchain Token Sales

Here are 6 rules for Blockchain ventures and token sales to develop strong content, kickstart their crowdfunding campaign and position their product for success.

Token sales have raised billions in the last 12 months, but several of them were able to meet their targets either because they happened at the right time or they had a really powerful and unique core idea. What most of them lacked, however, was a strong and focused content strategy, development and communication plan.

Just imagine what a focused content and communication plan can do for token sales if they are still able to raise millions without any real effort. However, if you’re part of an ongoing token sale or are thinking of launching one, there is still hope for you, and here are 6 content development rules you should take very seriously!

  Think Beyond PR

PR is great, it gets you exposure and views, but it’s not the only thing you need to be focused on. Most token sales think content matters only for PR purposes, and PR for them translates into getting a few announcements and articles published on various media platforms.

Firstly, most PR campaigns are executed poorly - they have the same articles posted on multiple sites (that’s just lazy and does nothing for your brand), and secondly, not all media platforms have the traffic segment a token sale needs to target (crypto investors and traders).

This doesn’t mean you ignore PR content. Just don’t make it your primary and only goal in terms of content marketing and planning. And even when you run a PR campaign, it needs to be aligned with your core content plan and strategy.

An effective content strategy goes beyond PR and focuses on building your brand and crafting a strong, memorable image for it in the community, which brings us to the second rule.

  Identify the key messages for your token sale and your product

We see several token sales just pushing announcements and updates instead of pushing their key messages and benefits, and more importantly, their core product.

Your content strategy should not solely be based on hype-generation via updates - it needs to help your brand development and product positioning. If you’re serious about your venture, the token sale is just the first stage, and its job is to set the foundation for your actual product.

If you don’t identify the key messages around your venture, your content is going to be shallow and forgetful, making no lasting impact.

  Understand your target audience

Just like any other product or service, your token sale needs to be marketed to the right audience. If your content and communication strategy targets crypto beginners, you may get traffic, but are unlikely to see contributions pouring in.

As a blockchain venture, you need to target both investors/traders and prospective users of your actual product. And even as you do that, you need to find the right balance - if you go investor heavy, you may end up without much traction when the product goes live, and if you focus solely on product users, you may not be able to attract investors.

A good content strategy takes both these aspects into account and ensures that there is something for everyone.

  Categorize your content by goals

Identifying your target audience is the first step here, but it needs to be followed up by proper content categorization.

This means before you develop your content, you need to think what are your goals and what do you hope to achieve with each piece of content.

Ideally, a token sale’s content should be broken into awareness related pieces, credibility building pieces, and activity communication pieces. And then, within these categories, every piece of content should have a goal, whether it is engaging prospective investors or product users, increasing brand awareness, explaining key features/benefits or improving search engine presence.

If your venture’s content creation is running blind, it won’t be very effective, and besides being a waste of money, will be a waste of time and opportunity.

  Be involved in your content creation process

A lot of high-level team members in a blockchain venture are extremely busy, which means content creation is either treated as a low-priority task or is completely outsourced to freelancers and content agencies (which are rarely qualified to handle it).

This results in content which fails to represent your brand and build a loyal community. The right way to do this is to be involved in your content creation process as much as you can. If your in-house team does not have the expertise, hire a qualified supplier, but focus on communication, share your insights, your story and your vision for the project.

The more you’re involved in the process, the more effective your content will turn out.

  Don’t just do ‘articles’

While text content does comprise the majority of content development efforts, if done right, video content has tons of potential and can elevate your project. Token sale campaigns primarily need to build trust, awareness, and credibility, and nothing does more in this direction than a good video interview or promo clip.

Getting on camera to speak about your project shows the community that you’re not just a name or a picture, but a real person, willing to express your vision and idea. Similarly, creating promo clips with visuals and explainers go a long way in gaining and retaining audience attention and can help you cement your brand and offering in the public eye.

At Cryptovest Media, our team of 30+ crypto journalists, analysts and editors have helped over 200 token sales with their content strategy and marketing. Our approach to token sale content strategy is all about hitting the right goals and getting the right messages out there.

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