Name Role Location
Fred Ehrsam Founder at Coinbase , Advisor at Polychain Capital USA
Founder, Advisor
Julian Yap Creator at Jumbucks , Software engineer at Bittrex USA
Creator, Software engineer
Eddy Travia Founder at Seedcoin , Chief startup officer at Seedcoin , Founder at Block Chain Space , Chief startup officer at Block Chain Space , CEO at Coinsilium , Advisor at CoinDash UK
Founder, Chief startup officer, Founder, Chief startup officer, CEO, Advisor
Joel Monegro Founder at Placeholder Capital USA
Sergio Demian Lerner Founder at RSK Lab , Chief scientist at RSK Lab , Advisor at CoinFabrik Argentina
Founder, Chief scientist, Advisor
Andreas Antonopoulos CTO at Third Key Solutions USA
Oleg Andreev Software engineer at Chain , Author at CoreBitcoin , Author at BTCRuby USA
Software engineer, Author, Author
Matt Corallo Founder at Blockstream , Software engineer at Chaincode Labs USA
Founder, Software engineer
Jeremy Kandah Chief coin officer at Po.et Foundation USA
Chief coin officer
Judith Jakubovics Advisor at Omni Foundation (formerly MasterCoin Foundation) , Board member at First Bitcoin Capital Corporation Israel
Advisor, Board member
Fabio Federici Founder at Coinalytics , Advisor at Nexussquared Switzerland
Founder, Advisor
Tyler Winklevoss Founder at Gemini , CEO at Gemini , Principal at Winklevoss Capital USA
Founder, CEO, Principal
Tom Ding Founder at Koinify , Founder at String Labs , CEO at String Labs USA
Founder, Founder, CEO
Gabe Evans Founder at HashRabbit USA
Chris Shepherd Founder at HashRabbit , CEO at HashRabbit USA
Founder, CEO
Micah Winkelspecht Founder at Gem , CEO at Gem USA
Founder, CEO
Ben Davenport Founder at BitGo , CTO at BitGo USA
Founder, CTO
Paul Puey Founder at Edge (formerly Airbitz) , CEO at Edge (formerly Airbitz) USA
Founder, CEO
Aaron Williams Founder at Atlanta Bitcoin , Founder at Coinnections USA
Founder, Founder
Chris Dixon General partner at Andreessen Horowitz , Board member at Coinbase , Investor at Kickstarter , Investor at Foursquare USA
General partner, Board member, Investor, Investor
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