How to Join a Faucet?

Pick out a faucet and a microwallet to gather up rewards from the best-designed faucets.

Joining a faucet is best done without registration. What faucet owners need are clicks and eyeballs to view the ads displayed on the page, while giving away rewards in cryptocoins. This guide will help you recognize the pros and cons of the world of faucets, and join faucets for gaining small amounts of cryptocurrencies.

What you need as a user should be an easy to use online-based microwallet, where to store your funds before there is enough for a proper transaction to a storage wallet. 

It is still unknown what could happen if you send out your Bitcoin address to many sites. If you use wallets that only generate one public address for all transactions, this could make you more traceable to hackers. So it is best not to use your secure Bitcoin or altcoin wallet to take faucet rewards. The world of cryptocurrencies is still new enough and not all threats are known- it is best to err on the side of caution. 

Faucets are a bit more stable than in the early years of Bitcoin, where many services closed. But still, one needs to practice caution and good security practices every step of the way. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, security is in your hands, so beware. 

How to Join a Faucet

Joining a faucet has a few preliminary steps: 

  1. Obtain a receiving address for your coin of choice: Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin are the most common. Use a web-based wallet or a microwallet instead of your usual storage wallet to avoid mistakes and unnecessary exposure of your address.
  2. Pick out a faucet and claim the rewards.
  3. Follow the specific instructions of the faucet to receive the current reward.
  4. Abandon sites that do not work easily. Not all faucets are made the same, and some will use tricks, redirects and popups. Save your sanity- the aim is to learn about cryptocurrencies, so better use only the most streamlined faucets and abandon the rest. 

Join a Faucet Service or Microwallet

Use your email to log in to your preferred microwallet service. Then you can send away safe addresses to the faucet of your choice, or simply plug in the email related to your microwallet. 

Microwallets are a case on how cryptocoins could be made to receive very small payments. 


This site is a combination of a microwallet for the most common coins and tokens, plus an aggregator of faucets. The site also helps by rating the faucets, letting you select the more quality sites. 

You can then search for faucets that are connected to FaucetHub to increase the ease of payment and track your progress. 

This site has a list of faucets that use the FaucetHub service. (

Build Profile in Cryptonator

Another web-based wallet service ideal for generating addresses to send to faucets.

It is much safer to use this service as an intermediary wallet, as it requires a simple registration process. Some services seem to dismiss Cryptonator addresses- again, use what works best for you and forget about the rest.

CoinPot Microwallet

CoinPot is another visually appealing microwallet service that easily connects to and tracks several faucets. It is relatively new and may see growth in faucet sites in the future. 

So far, the pool of faucets for CoinPot is smaller. The most common sources are the Moon faucets for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Here is the small pool of faucets that pay out to your CoinPot microwallet:

Do not forget to disable your ad blocker- you may not be able to claim the reward otherwise. 

Organize Your Faucets

After a while, you will have your favorite faucets that work well and don't distract much. Simply hold them open in a browser tab and let them fill with rewards. 

Choose faucets that are easily compatible with your wallets and work without fail. Buying a premium reward is a matter of personal choice. With time, you would learn to see which faucets make sense for your purpose. 

Choose Dogecoin faucets if you want to easily get acquainted with the cryptocurrency community and join the Dogecoin discussion. This low-priced token is still valuable, because of the technical advice and support in the community. You will learn to run a wallet similar to that of Litecoin without a risk of loss. 

Treat faucets as a learning experience and invite friends and family for greater rewards. Faucets themselves pay little, but they have a referral program. It is great for teaching kids about cryptocurrencies, wallets and basic security.