Buying Dash resembles the process for other cryptocurrencies but needs some special attention to be sure the coins are well-protected.

Dash can be used for spending, investing or exchanging into other cryptocurrencies. For European users, Dash may serve as a ramp currency to load up on other tokens. But compared to Bitcoin or Litecoin or Ethereum, Dash is not so widespread and thus may pose some limitations to users and investors who want to acquire some holdings of the coin.

Dash Wallet

Before setting out to acquire a cryptocurrency, think ahead of storage. Choose the wallet you would be comfortable with, learn to set it up, back it up, store your passwords and private keys securely. The more you know in advance, the smoother your experience will be. Write down keys and passwords. Test the wallet with a small sum- especially if you have a friend who owns some Dash and may send it to make a demo transaction for you.

You may consider getting Dash Core, the desktop wallet, where you would own the private keys. Download it only from the official Dash site. Other wallet offers include:


Electrum Dash Wallet

Exodus Wallet

Dash Exchanges

Despite its position among top altcoins, Dash still has a limited presence on the most user-friendly exchanges. European buyers may find Dash more conveniently, but for US-based markets, Dash is still more conveniently acquired through another coin.

Dash can be found most conveniently through:





Buy Dash with a Debit Card

The easiest way for users to move from fiat currency to cryptocurrencies is to choose one of the exchanges that allow the crediting of cash. The availability of Dash varies, and despite the fact that it is a well-established altcoin, it is still not available on Coinbase. This inconveniences US-based users, who may need to go through another coin like Bitcoin or Litecoin, and then move to Poloniex to acquire Dash.

For others, however, European exchanges offer a safe way to get Dash, and the coin is even considered a ramp currency for moving to other coins.

For European users, the best approach is to create an account at Kraken or BitPanda.

The BitPanda process requires a live chat verification. There may be country restrictions, and for some EU countries, an international passport may be required. But after the process is complete, users may quickly pay with a 3D secure debit card. Check your bank for the availability of a 3D security code to activate on your card. Otherwise, the BitPanda account may be funded through bank transfer, SEPA payment or anonymous payment methods like Skrill. The site also offers vouchers that are redeemable for some of the cryptocoins.

After buying and receiving the coins on your exchange account, it is best to move the funds immediately to an offline or desktop wallet.

Dash Exchange Pairs

For Dash, a rather big part of daily trading deals happen on Poloniex. More than 17% of the daily trading volume for Dash-Bitcoin trading goes through that platform. To compare, less than 2% of the daily volume comes from the pairs of Dash-Euros and Dash- US dollars. Daily volumes are around $230,000 for those currency pairs.

Those relatively limited daily trading volumes mean that while Dash is relatively high on the list of altcoins, it is still most widely known within the community, and there is yet time to increase adoption and buying options.

The Dash team is working to spread the usage of the currency, so new exchanges may appear that offer better daily trading limits, or ways to buy Dash with traditional payment methods, for those who want a foothold in the world of cryptocurrencies, but are not sure about mining.

But virtually any exchange pair can be achieved through the liveliest exchanges like Bitfinex or Poloniex.

For new Dash users, Changelly is also an extremely convenient service that would offer a carefully selected list of cryptocurrencies and tokens, easily exchanged in various combinations.

Selling Dash

To sell your Dash holdings, the best approach is to return to one of the exchanges that offer direct trades for US dollars or Euros. Otherwise, moving through another asset may mean you will have to deal with price volatility and face losses.

Selling prices may be significantly lower than buying bids, depending on the market movements for the day. Check the rules and conditions for the online exchange of your choice to know in advance the limitations of daily selling orders.

WallOfCoins may be available for some users, but you need to check in advance if payment centers are available, otherwise the service is not global. WallOfCoins specializes in connecting buyers and sellers and is dedicated to Bitcoin and Dash.

Dash Trading Volumes

Most of the trading in Dash happens through Bitcoin. Poloniex moves close to 20% of daily transactions, worth more than $4.4 million. Here is a breakdown of the available currency pairs, not counting options through Changelly:

Cryptocoin Pair Daily Trading Volume
DASH/BTC $4,441,150 (Poloniex)
DASH/USDT $1,432,300 (Poloniex)
DASH/XMR $30,220 (Poloniex)
DASH/USD $208,623 (Kraken)
DASH/EUR $263,103 (Kraken)


Make sure you do your own due diligence. To decide if you need this coin, read our guide on Dash.