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Legal Pitfalls and Grey Areas: How Regulations Tie Up Investors

Cryptocurrencies are anonymous, but trading activity falls under the scrutiny of regulators. Look at the current regulatory climate to avoid losses and achieve a smoother experience.

Cryptocurrencies: Not User-Friendly Enough?

he world is tech-savvy, but is it ready to face the technological challenges of cryptocurrencies? Are cryptocoins just too much of a hassle?

The Risks of Investing in ICOs and Tips to Mitigate Them

ICOs are largely unregulated and have inherent risks which you need to be aware of as an investor. In this article we take a look at some failed ICOs and some promising ones…

5 Reasons Why Ethereum is a Better Investment than Bitcoin

Even though Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, Ethereum is stealing the show. In just 3 years, the young cryptocurrency has overtaken bitcoin in more ways than one.

Cryptowallets that Leaked or Locked: Top 5 of the Worst that Could Happen to a Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets hide unpleasant surprises, even the best ones. Learn how to keep your tokens safe and avoid known traps.

5 Reason Why You should Invest in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are a $100 billion dollar industry! Hundreds of cryptocurrencies have soared in price in the past year. Investors like you are beginning to take notice and want a piece of the pie.

How to Claim Bitcoin Cash (August 2017 Update)

If you held Bitcoin on August 1st at 12.20pm UTC, congratulations! You just got free money. On August 1st at 12.20 pm UTC, if you had an amount of Bitcoin held in a wallet or exchange, you instantly got an… Continue Reading →

How To Buy Dash: Why is this coin so hard to acquire?

Load up your portfolio with some Dash coins for exchanging, holding or staking in a Masternode. But beware the specific limitations of Dash, which is not so widely available compared to other cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Cash: Surprise Windfall, Money Out of Nothing, or a Big Problem?

What is Bitcoin Cash? Whether you hold Bitcoin or not, what will be the role of this new coin in the cryptocurrency ecosystem?

How To Securely Buy Bitcoins with Paypal

It is now possible to buy Bitcoin via PayPal but it’s quite the challenge. So, we decided to delve into the matter and share with you the best methods for converting your PayPal money into Bitcoin. The article below will give you the information you need. Happy reading!

4 Reason why EOS is the Ethereum Killer

Here are 5 reason why EOS will make Ethereum obsolete. Read more

Your 5 Step Personal Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrencies

If you are new to investing in cryptocurrency, this guide is for you! Sifting through dozens of articles can be a nightmare, when all you are looking for is a simple blueprint on how to get started.

Litecoin Explained – Introduction Guide for Beginners

In this guide, you will learn the basic facts about Litecoin and gain an idea of why it is among the top-ranked digital currencies.

Difference Between Litecoin and Bitcoin

In this guide, we will outline the differences between Bitcoin and Litecoin.

How to Buy Bitcoin – Easy Steps to Get Bitcoins (2017)

So, you’re thinking of buying Bitcoin? There are many ways to obtain and hold Bitcoin. So many, in fact, that you may get confused at first. Don’t worry! With this article, we will help you grasp the ins and outs of Bitcoin buying and storage.

Ethereum Explained (Introduction Guide)

Understand the potential of Ethereum and why it has become one of the leading cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms.

What is Ethereum Classic?

The split from Ethereum happened in 2016. An alternative blockchain was agreed upon after the theft of funds from the DAO startup.

Ethereum Hard Fork Explained

What caused the Ethereum blockchain to split and how two separate chains exist, along with two cryptocoins – Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

Ethereum As an Investment Turning More Heads

In this piece, we will discuss the nuances of investing in Ethereum, complete with reasons as to why you may want to think again.

How to Mine Ethereum – Guide for Beginners

Mining is a way to acquire smaller or larger amounts of a cryptocurrency. But mining is also a way to support a coin’s ecosystem by helping build a larger, more decentralized network, thus making the information storage on the blockchain more secure.

How to Buy Ethereum – The Complete Guide (2017)

In this guide, we will try to simplify buying Ethereum for beginners. Exchanging Ethereum for cash or Bitcoin is the fastest, most straightforward way to place those first cryptocoins in your wallet.

Cryptocurrency Glossary – All the Terms You Should Know

From altcoins to mining, This guide will Introduce you to the most important terms in the cryptocurrency industry.

What Is Bitcoin And Why It Keeps Ruling

This article will highlight the huge impact Bitcoin has had on our perception of currency, online payment choices, and the economy in general. Read on

13 Game-Changing Use Cases of Blockchain

In the first years after the cryptocoin inception, blockchain was strictly related to Bitcoin, but that is no longer the case at all. This unique distribution database system has many uses, which we will discuss in the article before you.

What is Blockchain? Complete Guide for Beginners

To ensure correct understanding, we will digress briefly and consider the processes that paved the way for the appearance of blockchain. High-end technologies have now advanced so far that they are exerting a strong influence on the fundamentals of the economy, business, and the state.

Exchanging Fiat to Cryptocurrencies: Is it Getting Easier or Harder?

Cryptocurrencies are the next thing and you want to shout – here, take my money! Is it that easy and smooth to exchange fiat money for Bitcoin or other cryptocoins? Make sure you know the waters before you try to make a splash.

Gold to Your Name: Anonymous Bitcoin Transactions

One of the major selling points of Bitcoin is the confidentiality of the transactions. Unlike other electronic transactions like PayPal, you can open a Bitcoin wallet without providing your name, age, or any other identifiable personal information.

5 Must-Dos When Investing in ICOs

Token issuance is not regulated, however. It is therefore upon you to ensure the ICOs you invest in are viable, genuine and safe. Taking the following five actions is a good starting point.

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