People have always been fond of collecting stuff, from postage stamps to paintings and coins. Nowadays, with the crypto hype in full swing, one more entry has been added to the list of collectibles - unique virtual tokens like CryptoKittens.

Collecting things goes beyond providing fun and entertainment. It also gives people the feeling of satisfaction to know they own something unique and rare. However, it also comes with a problem attached: since collectable items are so unique, it is sometimes hard to identify how much value they carry. Most ordinary things are fungible, which means they are more or less identical and can be exchanged on a one-to-one basis. However, one-of-a-kind tokens are non-fungible and have their own, individual value.

Meet the blockchain marketplace for unique tokens

With those specifics in mind, Open Collectors Network is developing a platform for non-fungible tokens, allowing users to create, customize, or trade them. This will become the first decentralized exchange for one-of-a-kind tokens. It will bring blockchain technologies closer to people, allowing them to tokenize their goods and services and use them in thousands of different ways.

There are endless use cases for the system, but here are a few to fire up your imagination:

The platform is based on the Ethereum protocol, which means that users can identify any token through the Ethereum ecosystem. The team has a working prototype of the product, so anyone can register and give it a try.

Open Collectors Network ICO Details

Open Collectors Network’s ICO is currently in the private sale phase, but the public sale whitelist registration is open.

The main phase of the crowdsale starts on May 1, 2018 (subject to confirmation) and finishes on May 30, or as soon as the hard cap of 15,000 ETH is reached. One ETH buys you 6,000 ECTO, although bonuses may apply if you join the ICO early.

If you find the idea exciting and want to know more about the project, visit the official website, or subscribe to their updates on Twitter or Telegram