Aims to Level the Playing Field for Cryptocurrency Traders

The Kryll team is creating a platform which levels the playing field for cryptocurrency traders by providing everyone access to essential tools and automation capabilities.

There’s no denying that the modern world has gone absolutely crazy about cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, there are dozens of exchanges and crypto communities where millions of people take their chances with this new phenomenon.

To be professional and efficient, a trader needs to meet a lot of requirements, such as technical and analytical knowledge, reliable data and information, high-speed internet connection, time and patience, and a whole lot of discipline. Besides, professional trading tools are usually rather complicated, while automated crypto trading systems are expensive, so both are available only to a limited number of experts.

Does that mean amateur investors and hobbyists are bound to fail in this highly lucrative market due to lack of resources, expertise, and knowledge?

Kryll levels the playing field

The Kryll team is building the first intuitive platform that allows bringing together diverse crypto trader communities and provides everyone with efficient crypto trading tools and strategies. This would be possible due to a simple drag’n’drop editor and Wysiwyt™ (What You See Is What You Trade) technology which can help traders define and set up automated trading processes.

Apart from being able to set up automated trading systems, users of the platform will be able to test these for free for as long as they want, only paying for live trades. Successful traders will also be able to share their winning strategies with the community, which will have access to useful content, information and discussions in order to leverage the collective intelligence.

Kryll ICO details

The project aims to raise funds by offering the community KRL tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. is launching a token sale which starts on February 7, 2018 and ends on March 20, 2018. The total supply of these ERC20 tokens is limited to 220 million, while only 144 million (65%) will go on sale and will be distributed in ICO. The ICO exchange rate for 1 KRL is set at $0.20.

In the period up to March 6, early adopters will get a bonus (30% to 5%). It should be noted that Kryll tokens cannot be mined, and none will be issued after the sale. If you are interested in participating, you can visit the official website or subscribe to the project’s updates on Telegram and Twitter.

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